A Stitch In Time

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As the saying goes, “A stitch in time, saves nine.”  So if you get the right stitch, in the right place, at the right time, it is supposed to make things easier.  That was certainly true as we stitched the crazy quilting on our Parlor Pillow (from the Mother’s Medallion Line).for printing

And shortly after the first of the year, I thought that was what I was doing – getting the right stitch at the right time.  But the Doctor was obviously NOT a quilter.  He did an excellent job with the double knee replacement, but let’s just say his stitches were a bit off.  Life certainly wasn’t immediately easier because of his work.  The only thing that helped was that Sister 1 came to the rescue.  She put aside her sewing needle, put on her nursing cap and flew to the rescue.  nurses


I wouldn’t be back on my feet now without her tender loving care.  Thanks, Sister!  Proof that I am making progress: I actually picked up a needle to sew this week!  I want you to know that though we have slowed down a bit, we have been working on some new (HINT) IDEAS that are soon to follow.  Everything will be (HINT)  JUST DUCKY very soon. So stay tuned….rubber-ducky


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