INSPIRATION: Sister’s Choice or Sisters’ Choice???

FL Sister id tagChoosing with my sister (and sharing with my sister) has always been the way life gets done.

At first we needed a little guidance to work it out. So Mother had a rule of thumb that helped us (like when the last piece of cake was under discussion): one of you can cut it in half and the other one gets to choose first.

But, most of the time we just took turns choosing.

That habit carried on from the time we were choosing doll clothes to play with through the wardrobe choices we made when one of us went off to college-

 and took half of the closet with her.

packing trunk

(This is closer to reality than I, rather the un-named Sister, would like to admit. Seriously!)

dish towels

Just this summer we kicked into that choosing/sharing mode when we found a stash of hand embroidered dish towels at an estate sale.

chicken towel“You take the blue one and I’ll take the chicken.”

bear towel“Okay, then, which one do you choose next? Great. I love the little bear.”

So, it’s not really a big surprise that one of our favorite blocks – found in more than one of our joint projects – has long been Sister’s Choice. It inspires us!

Sisters Choice block line drawing2

Matter of fact, we are working with Sister’s Choice right now for Project #11 in the Mother’s Medallion collection. It’s the base block for our Sister’s Idea Board.

We’ve had great fun choosing fabric for the samples

red dot smgold smturquoise smmulti sm

– and lots of laughter in choosing what elements to include in the design of the board.

Pompoms?!? Are you kidding me?  Well, how about you put the ric-rac on your board and I … well, I won’t.

Magnets? Pins? Clips? Bunting? Chalkboard fabric? What about pockets?

maybe some pockets1 sm

 ….  OOOOO this is sounding fun!

The board will be great as a Family Command Center or a Seasonal Photo Board or even a Celebrate Someone Special board in an office or classroom.

(I’m not sure my sister wanted me to let that project news out just yet. So, just between us girls, okay? And maybe I haven’t ruined the surprise by only showing you part of what we’re up to.)

We’re hoping that you’ll keep an eye on the web store so that you’ll be one of the first to make Sister’s Choice project – and perhaps you’ll choose to share it with a stitching sister.

As is often the case, I’ve forgotten – was it Sister’s Choice or Sisters’ Choice (my choice or our choice) – to use the vintage kitchen color scheme?

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