Meeting adjourned: new year planned

The first of the year planning meeting has adjourned.

Sister 2 boarded the plane with her Rancher and is back to country life in Colorado.

airport exit

Don’t know that we could prove it scientifically, but it sure seems like the sun moves quicker on the days when we are together.

But, we made every minute count so we can declare that our official annual meeting was … um … full.

We started with morning coffee and good talks about a book we are reading.

(The really important things go beyond the stitching we do together.)

sisters hands sm

We drafted and sketched and designed.

ducks sm

We debated tone and value; we voted and vetoed styles and methods;

we plotted and planned via charts and schedules.

fabric sm

Then we …. (Sister, I think we should skip some of the details.) ***

And we laughed (again) at our different assumptions and approaches.

In summary: We are excited about the new lines and collections that we’ll be posting in the coming months.

So stay tuned for more opportunities to stay connected with stitching sisters.

Okay, here’s the part we left out of the official minutes ….

shopping sm

***In the interest of full disclosure, we confess that we did shop for fabric — and clothes.

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