Inspired by … COLOR & Angie

We might as well admit it: there are some things that we don’t know very much about.  Hand dyed fabric is one of those things. So when Angie Madden shared her work in the vibrant colors she had produced, it was a moment to be inspired!

color swatches

The brilliant colors and the feel of the different fabrics she uses – almost beyond description. And then when she places the one-of-a-kind fabrics into quilts … OH. MY. GOODNESS.

Here’s what we’re talking about …

Autumn lighting sm

Autumn Lightening is the name of the quilt.

Almost hidden are these sweet little spiders with their webs.

(Did I just use the words “spider” and “sweet” in the same sentence?)

spider sm

The appliqued leaves on the edges are just the perfect finishing touch!

leaves appliqued sm

There is much to be learned from this stitching sister.

angie madde with autumn lightening sm

Her quilting is a fabulous example of the importance of thinking in terms of tonal value in our fabric placement. Even with her love of color, she was quick to refer to the old artist’s adage:

[Tonal] value does all the work and color gets all the credit.

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