Last Stitch Efforts & Last Stitch Friends

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This week when I was FINALLY stitching the last of the Mother’s Medallion Quilt, (I know, it’s been quilted a while and all I needed to do was the binding and the dimensional flowers. But I got distracted by … life.)

Anyway – I needed some reliable friends to celebrate my last stitch efforts. Because Sister2 is SO very far away from where I now live (as has been the case for much of our lives), I couldn’t dance in the fountain with her. So, I turned to a group of women who made my transition to this new address so much easier.

photo2 croppedsm

The Sew-and-Sews gather weekly in the community where my husband works to share progress made on their stitching projects of all kinds – crocheting, knitting, quilting, etc. Their years of stitching and their personal histories add rich meaning to their questions and comments.

photo 3 cropped

As a group – and as individuals – their warm welcome was a priceless part of making us feel at home so quickly. So let the official record show –  they were there, cheering me on, as the Last Stitch Effort was made.

Thank you, friends, for celebrating that last yoyo!

last yoyo

We anticipate that the book of patterns for the quilt will be in our web store in January. In the meantime, you can find patterns for smaller projects from the Mother’s Medallion collection HERE.

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