Mama’s Hands

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Our mother could cook, sew, garden AND watch four mischievous children.  Yes, I know there are only 3 in the photo, one is off climbing a tree.  So you can see why we remember her hands as being everywhere at once.

3 siblings a

She always claimed she couldn’t be a hand model because of the arthritis and eczema in her hands.  But to me, they were hands to BE modeled.  She held babies with tender care.  She disciplined with loving concern.  Lest you think she was perfect, when the biscuits were “high brown” she could scrub the pan without a care.

Not only were they busy hands, they were fast, too.  So several years ago, when I needed to show some progress on my hand quilted Double Wedding Ring, I called mom for our own quilting bee and the stitches went in fast.  (PS: This quilt came from Grandma Myrtle Evelyn of the Myrtle’s Pansy Apron which will appear in our store soon.) 

Mom quilting

 Because Mama’s hands WERE all around, it seemed very natural to include that title on a project in our Mother’s Medallion collection. She loved the warm colors of the antique quilts so we chose the civil war reproduction fabrics to add her touch to this Mama’s Hands All Around coverlet and then photographed it on her mother’s treadle machine.  Mama's Hands All Around  As I was rubbing some soothing lotion onto my achy hands after stitching for a few hours on this weekend project, I took a good look at my hands and
…there were our Mama’s hands!

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