Saucy Chef: some lovin’ from your oven!

FL Sister id tagBecause we have lived “miles apart” most of our adult lives, we’ve learned to accept the reality that we miss part of each other’s lives and we miss out on the front row seats for watching each other’s children grow up.

So, when my sister’s youngest daughter was choosing a culinary school to attend and I knew one of her choices was Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, you can surely believe that I was cheering for her to choose the one close to where we lived.

Megan the chef

And that’s how we came to have a year with a chef as our housemate/tenant/companion.

(The Mr. was especially delighted when she was doing the baking unit of study/practice.

I specifically remember a pear tart … )


SO when a bridal shower was given this spring for this delightfully creative niece,

Megan wedding

 it was time for our Really Big Hat Chef to make his appearance.

And that’s how we came to have the Saucy Chef collection.

chef colored line drawing from EQ

He comes with a variety of mustaches to choose from.

The whole collection is based on the traditional Apple Core block.

Sisters at Heart apple coreWe’ve put the Apple Core as the base block for a Saucy Chef Table Runner with color placement that blends from light to dark, ombre style. The pattern includes the new Martelli Apple Core no-slip template (which you can purchase by itself HERE.)

Chef table runner line drawing narrow final

Our family chef shows her affection for others by producing delectable dining delights from her oven.

We hope that this Saucy Chef collection will inspire you to do the same!

Share some lovin’ from your oven!

Come back by in a couple of days and we’ll show you the rest of the collection.

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2 thoughts on “Saucy Chef: some lovin’ from your oven!

  1. Liz Littlejohn

    Becky the class on Saturday at Martelli’s was really fun I love the new patterns! Also tell Cindy I can honestly say you are working hard! LOL I look forward to seeing you this week. Liz

  2. Liz,
    Sorry to be so slow to respond. My web presence got interrupted by a detour to do some Nana duties for a new grandson. (Fun times!) It was such a fun Saturday and I was so glad you – my friends from A&E fabrics – were part of it! And – thanks for helping to verify my work schedule! 🙂

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