Stitchin’ Stops along the way: Marietta, GA #1

FL Sister id tagAs we drive toward a Georgia mountain cabin, The Husband gets a phone call from the friends we are to meet. “The road ahead is blocked because of an accident and the traffic won’t clear for a while so we might as well stop here for a bit rather than just waiting on the road. Why don’t you check that smart phone and see if there is a quilt store close by.” I knew I was a genius when I married that guy!

“Take 2 turns right and one turn left and we’ll be at a Little Quilt shop. [Drive 2 miles.]

OH.MY.GOODNESS. It’s the Little Quilts shop!”

front of store 1 sm

“Well, Bec, that’s where you told me to go. You said you wanted to stop at the Little Quilts Shop. We followed directions to The Little Quilts Shop. We came to the Little Quilts Shop on purpose. Why are you amazed that we are at the Little Quilts Shop?” Poor guy. I’m not always clear, I guess.

True. True. But, you need to know that this isn’t just any Little Quilts shop. We’re at THE Little Quilts Shop!”

Little Quilts sign sm

“OOOOkay.” He’s not completely getting it. “So this may take more than a little bit. Right?” Now he’s getting it!

front of store 2 sm

Somehow in all the years of using and loving their patterns, I never took the time to note the address of The Little Quilt Shop and I’d been driving past it on the way to the cabin for – well, a while.

Inside I found …

mock penny rug sm

beautiful wools

(including this great idea for a mock penny rug made from fabric on cardboard that is laminated to protect it from heavy wear),

tea towel smdelightful red work supplies,

children's corner sm

a wonderful area dedicated to fabric and projects for children.

(which I especially loved because of the grandchildren I’m sewing for right now.)

  Welcome from  sm

And I found a warm welcome.

I left with some patterns and fat quarters to share with the Colorado Sister.

When it arrived she called me to say, “OH. MY. You were at THE Little Quilts Shop!

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