I can always use a little more …

FL Sister id tag               There are a couple of things I can always use more of…  Organization (that’s not a shocker) and  (this part may surprise you) – spools. It’s true. I love spools. I firmly believe that you can never have too many.

jar of spools

Thank you, to my daughter who scored a package of old spools at thrift store and just sent them for my collection.

spools in window

Fortunately spools come in lots of shapes and sizes.

basket of spools

And, there are sooooo many ways to use them!

The traditional quilt block, Spools, is very high on my Spool Love List. So, when my stitching sister sent me a set of four spool blocks made from reproduction 30’s fabrics, it was “a moment.”

spool blocks on idea board

I LOVE the blocks just as they are, in their raw form. But, in this case, there is extra anticipation because the spool blocks are part of a new project we will post in our store very soon – Mother’s  Spools for Tools.

Mother's spools

Each of the four spool blocks is a pocket for holding sewing tools – rulers, Minute Miter clips, templates …. So, you can organize your sewing area and decorate it at the same time!

You can see that Colorado Sister’s end product reflects the rich, deep colors of her studio and the light, airy colors of the 30’s fabric will be just right for my sunroom/studio. We can’t wait to see the photos of what you do with the pattern. Stand by for more spools!

This project is part of the Mother’s Medallion Quilt collection. We have used the pattern from one of the quilt’s rows to make this individual, quick & easy project. The complete quilt is scheduled to be unveiled in August.

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