Wedding Wonders

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We all know how we depend on the right tools & resources.  Sometimes those tools are actually people.  Such is the case for this last week with my sister.  Our youngest daughter just got married here in Colorado and we couldn’t have done it without the right resource (translate “sister from Florida”).  One tool we utilized was the scissor lift.  Neither Sister One nor Sister Two was allowed to drive the lift even though we are VERY familiar with scissors.   ???  Go figure!  And no, the streamers are not fabric, but I still thought we would qualify.lights

But Florida sister came prepared to do many tasks as we utilized her expertise and creativity.  Among other things she mailed tea lights, produced a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” bridal brunch from her suitcase and turned ribbon into chair bows & isle decor! brunch 1bowbrunch   Thanks, Sister, wish we could sell you and your talents on our web store.  Wait we do sell your talent there!

But “fashion” design may NOT be one of them.brunch 3

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One thought on “Wedding Wonders

  1. Thank you for your thank you, Sister! There is no better fun in the world that working and celebrating with you! Just wondering though – why is it, when we are doing “glamorous” at the photo booth, you look naturally gorgeous and I look like we’re still playing dress up?!?!? 😉 Fun sister times – even without a needle in hand!

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