Completed Quilting! as good as …

FL Sister id tagThe morning phone call was as good as …    How good was it, sister?   … as good as having an extra birthday – with an additional party but without additional years!

The morning call was from my long-arm quilter friend, Nancy Troyer. “Just calling to let you know that I’m finished with your quilt.” Woot! Woot! Dancing in the fountain! Parade starts at the corner!

I should mention that the Colorado Sister already had her parade for this accomplishment. She is often ahead of me when we come to Finishing the Project.

This IS a celebration moment! Since the planning and piecing for Mother’s Medallion started several years ago and then, when we added the responsibility of producing the pattern and instructions a little more recently, the To Do list got longer instead of shorter. So, to hear the news that the actual quilting was done was like a marching band playing a song called “Hail! Hail! The Quilting’s done! We’re almost finished!” (Not sure there is such a song, but there should be!)

rose sm

And what could be better than seeing the ideas we talked about finally, actually in the flesh, I mean in the fabric! Even the back side is pretty!

And the big blossoms at the top are just the right touch!

And the big blossoms at the top are just the right touch!

Planning the quilting with Nancy is so much fun. Because this quilt has something different on each row, we needed a different stitching strategy for each row. She lays out a clear plexiglass piece on top of the quilt and then we brain storm together. She is a wealth of good ideas and is open to trying new things. She draws on the plexiglass with a dry erase pen, we adjust and adapt and then she takes a picture to keep the agreement clear in mind.

back of quilt 8 - basket

The medallion center has a basket of flowers.

basket sm

Nancy used a basket weave quilting on the basket.

Even as I’m teasing you with these sneak (close up) peeks at the quilting, I promise, the whole quilt pattern will be available before summer over!

front edge sm

The quilting on the edge leaves room for a scalloped edge.

AN OFFICIAL THANK YOU to everyone who let the dancing and parading before bringing up the task of the …. BINDING! I know, I know. I’m on it … I’m all over it … really …

NOTE: We realize that there may not be time or inclination to make the whole entire quilt so we are offering individual projects based on each of the different techniques or blocks from the rows that surround the center medallion where flowers are showcased.

The options for that center medallion spot are as varied as the stitching sister who makes the quilt. One of us chose to do a posy of ribbon embroidery (You can find the individual project for that Pillowcase Posy HERE.)

and her corner squares around the on-point center offer the opportunity to add crazy quilting. (You can find the individual project for Mother’s Parlor Pillow HERE.)

The other Sister chose to use a Dresden Plate basket with yoyos and other dimensional flowers. (You can find the individual project for that Mother’s Flower Basket Centerpiece HERE.)

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