Sewing Weekend at Nancy’s Notions

FL Sister id tagI didn’t understand what I was getting into and it’s probably a good thing. Because Sewing Weekend at Nancy’s Notions in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, was a really, really DAZZLING opportunity. Ok, to be honest, it’s a dazzling SHOPPING opportunity. And, had I known what was waiting for me there, I might not have been wise about gathering funds to go. You know, our second car could have been traded in … And, I’m not really sure that we really need a lawn mower or all those tools in the garage …

When Martelli Enterprises asked me if I wanted to go and recommend/demonstrate their templates, Round-A-Bout turn table, quilting hoops, etc. I thought it would be a good chance to get a close up view of what Nancy’s Notions was about – and talk to some of their folks about Sisters at Heart patterns, too. So, off I went to Wisconsin. And this is what I saw when I first walked in to Sewing Weekend:

Nancy's Notions 5 special events sm

That was only the beginning!

Nancy's Notions 5 cropped sm

It went on and on … And then I saw:

Nancy's Notions 1 clearance

Almost too good to be true, isn’t it?

Nancy’s Notions opens up their warehouse and retail store for the sale of the year. They invite vendors to demonstrate new products and answer questions about familiar products. There are stage presentations and classes with teachers whose names are well-known and whose work is well appreciated.

We did our stage presentation here:

Nancy's Notions 6b stage sm

The first day I had a horrible dry throat coughing attack which was a CHALLENGE!

Made me so glad for my partner in crime, a sewing/crafting educator, Linda Winner, who could step up and fill in by expanding her part of the presentation. And the second presentation went more smoothly.

And our demonstration table connected to Eleanor Burn’s spot. Which was wonderful in that when her classes were over and people lined up to have her sign the books she was selling, it looked like we could pretend that they were lining up to catch a glimpse of us.

Nancy's Notions 4 next to Eleanor sm

 For inspiration, there were plenty of quilts hung around the perimeter of the event areas.

Nancy's Notions table sm

And we used our Sisters at Heart, Miles Apart samples to demonstrate the great tools and templates that we appreciate so much. And the Nancy’s Notions team was so warm with their hospitality and helpful with suggestions and information.

b at table stage behind sm

We encountered creative, friendly quilters and seamstresses having a great time gathering what they “needed” to do what they love best. I’ll be posting one great idea in a few days.

 Nancy's Notions 1 crop sm     It was time well spent for many reasons.

And, NO, I’m not going to confess how many times I walked past that sign to get “therapy.”  

What happens at Nancy’s …

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