Change is good!

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     Change is good.  Change your hair color, your living room furniture, the needle in your machine…or even the center of your pillow.  I heard my sister say “Let’s do hexagons.”  I thought great, but plain.  She said, “Let’s do one a month.”  I thought great, but I’m not ready to make 12 crazy quilt pillows.  Sooooo…we decided to change the hexagon center of the crazy quilt pillow.

   In the antique shop I came across a vintage paper wrapper of pins with a beautiful lady on it.  I ran it through my scanner and had exactly what I needed for the changeable center of the pillow.  I ironed freezer paper to muslin (waxy side to fabric) and put it through the ink jet printer.  It resulted in a slightly faded version of the original.  But exactly what I was looking for.

Parlor Pillow sm for web

   We had used ribbons in the corners of the pillow hexagon center.  So I put ribbons on the corners of the same size hexagon and, using a pillowcase finish, I was able to tie the beautiful lady hexagon on the center of the large square pillow. Now I can change the center hexagon out as often as I want and my sister will think it is a new pillow each time.

You can get your pattern right here. Change is good.

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