Vintage Linens and Quilting, a visit from Cindy Needham

FL Sister id tagI’d describe it as a spa day.

My Pensacola quilt guild recently hosted a trunkshow from Cindy Needham and every piece she displayed was like the moment in a hand massage when a warm towel is wrapped around tired fingers. (Which i definitely would have if I quilted multitudes of tiny stitches like Cindy Needham does!)

Cindy Needham demo sm

Fortunately, Cindy allows quilters to get close up to her work – as long as you leave your coffee cup and chocolate donut behind. She is friendly and fun, and I don’t even need to try to express what a fabulous quilter she is – that has already been firmly established. But, just in case you aren’t convinced, here’s a peek at what she shared that day.

redwork smShe showed us red work that was preserved and reinforced, yet not overshadowed by the quilting.

gloves smallShe incorporated all things lace – gloves and

collar 2sm

collars and collar smand collars with extra lace added.

She preserves the integrity of the old linens yet emphasizes their beauty by adding …

stitches and beads 5sm intricate stitching …

stitches and beads smand beadwork.  Then sometimes, she adds ..

stitches and beads 4smbeadwork and stitching.

stitches and beads 3smSee what I mean?

And I need to mention that sometimes she adds …

stitches and beads 2smtiny, tiny stitching and beautiful beadwork.

Although, at other times, she adds …

lace ribbon and beads smribbon and beadwork and tiny stitches.

light and dark

Or even buttons.


Then she pointed out that she’ll put a poem or a wise thought in the middle of a hankie.

hankie sm

She gave us the great idea of using old pillowcase edge for a rod pocket,

pillowcase rod pocket

or old lace for a rod pocket and a doily for a label.

pocket and label

Like this.

hanging pocket and doily label sm Or like this.

She uses a variety of colors and fabric behind her old linens.

peach undercolorLittle contrast, like this peach.

gold background color 2 smMedium contrast.

placemat turned monogram sm

And greater contrast.

Don’t you love the addition of the monogram and the embellishments to this small place mat?

quilting to connect pieces And the quilting makes it work!

See how the quilting is used to connect the smaller piece to the tan background fabric?

The trunk show was intimidating at one level, but more than that — it was inspiring!

whole cloth sm

There were big pieces like the whole cloth quilt.

hankie and lace smAnd there were small pieces: a hankie and doily combination.

beads and stitches smCouldn’t pick a “favorite” to save my life!

stitches and beads sm

But at least I know where to start …

lace stash sm

And you can visit Cindy Needham’s blog HERE.

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