YoYo Pride

FL Sister id tagThe Colorado Sister is probably driving into town from the ranch and has hit one of those spots where the phone reception isn’t stellar so I can’t tell her this news and it really is kind of a Moment. So, please indulge me for just a minute, will you?

I have had a long held fondness for yoyos – the stitched kind. But I’ve never felt like I’ve quite got the knack of making them.  Now, that hasn’t stopped me from cutting lots of circles and stitching around the edge and then using whatever was the result.

You’ll find them all over my house,

kitchen pillow with yoyos sm

even in the kitchen.

The yoyo process was certainly helped when we discovered the Martelli templates with the no-slip backing because those templates keep multiple layers of fabric from slipping as you cut the circles. You can get your very own set HERE.

But, somehow the end result of my yoyo making never quite satisfied me. Especially when I needed to use them in our Mother’s Flower Basket Centerpiece and I decided to make my booth sample out of vintage fabrics.

centerpiece with yoyos sm

They were ok but not like – well, not like the ones my sister makes.

Then my sister explained that the larger the stitches the smaller the hole in the center of the yoyo and that the smaller the stitches, the larger the hole would be.  This was SO helpful because it was the hole part that needed attention.

Today was the day that I realized that by trying to have the smallest yoyo hole known to man, I was sacrificing the overall look of the yoyo. So, I shorted my stitches, thereby enlarging the hole enough that the fabric would lay down in a pretty gathered fashion, leaving a reasonable sized hole and …. TA DA!!!

my best yoyo sm

The best yoyo I have ever made. I am so excited!!!

Now I realize that for some of you, that’s not registering on your MOMENT meter so, I really appreciate you sharing my joy in this momentous MOMENT. I’m telling you – This is progress!

Now, I’m going to go cut some more circles – and try one more time to call my sister.

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