Miles Apart – INDEED!!!

FL Sister id tagOne day this week I called to chat with my sister and congratulations were in order – she and her rancher were celebrating 36 years of marriage! I know! It’s truly wonderful. Their strong committment to each other has brought blessing to everyone around them. Let there be dancing in the fountain! And balloons! (She’s going to think I’ve made plenty enough ruckus and been plenty sentimental for one day, so I’ll move forward.)

The geographic distance between us really struck me that day.

NA map

They were on their way to a celebration dinner together — in a snow storm. I, on the other hand, was looking for Kleenex because of pollen induced sneezing.

magnolia cropped

That’s a magnolia you seen blooming in a nearby tree.

And then today while I turned on the air conditioner, her drive to town with her bride-to-be daughter looked like this:

April drive in CO

I’m sure you understand, then, why I’m so glad that our stitching together today will keep us connected despite the miles.  Right now, we’re working on the soon to be released Mother’s Parlor Pillow, a crazy quilting project for our Mother’s Medallion collection.

parlor pillow process sm

It’s in a hexagon shape and we’re doing it monochromatically. It’s got an interchangeable ribbon-tied center and we hope you’ll love it! Right now, Sister2 is doing the photography and I’m doing the graphics for the pattern. (I know, I need to stop “talking” to you and get those diagrams drawn and I’ve probably revealed waaay too many Sister Secrets already.)

SO, across the miles, I say Happy Anniversary, Sister. To celebrate I’m sending you this daffodil like the ones we carried in your wedding.


Hope you’ll see one peeking through the “April Showers” you have in your part of the map.

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