I’d break out in song – if I knew the right song

FL Sister id tagMy sister told me how wonderful it would be. And I believed her, truly I did. It’s just that her approach is more understated.

And since she wasn’t dancing in the fountain, the difference was bigger than I expected.

I’m talking about machine quilting with the Free-Motion Hoops from Martelli.


Let me take a minute to give a little disclaimer. Neither my sister or I depend on Martelli Enterprizes for our occupational income. So, we are free to recommend whatever tools we really, really love to use. And these tools are definately in that category. We love Martelli tools so much that sometimes we work with them at shows as guest designers who appreciate the ways their tools help quilters.

So, we want to share this great find with you, our stitching sisters.

FreeMotion%20Hoop%20Pair%20comp b

I don’t know how to describe the way the hoops make this part of quilting easier. The no-slip backing on the hoop somehow holds on to all the layers of the quilt sandwich and moves it around all together. Which is exactly what we want it to do!

And they require so much less pressure so my back and arms are very appreciative.

The other thing that makes these hoops so great is that they are a complete circle. So there’s no gap in the grip. And you know the difference that makes. I’m telling you, these hoops took my machine quilting up a level – or two.

If I knew an appropriate song, I’d sing it – or maybe even strike up the band! Watch a video about the hoops HERE.

Be sure and let us know the things that keep your stitches singing along!

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