Tea Time & English Paper Piecing

FL Sister id tagYou all know how much both my sister and I LOVE an excuse to have a tea party ….

So, since some of the stitching sisters from the Pensacola Guild were coming over for a Quilting at Home workshop on English Paper Piecing,

this was the perfect opportunity to bring out the tea pot,

 tea cart waiting cropped

make some little sandwiches,

tea time treats 2

bake some scones and raspberry tarts and add the clotted cream and lemon curd for good measure!

Okay, I confess, all that baking happened at the Fresh Market bakery. But, I did slice the cucumbers.

tea time treats

Fortified with a “proper” cup of tea, we were ready to tackle the project of the afternoon

vase cropped 2

 – Ferns & Flowers, a new *PS Project from the Mother’s Medallion Collection which we use for workshops & demos.

This vase mat uses the Dresden Plate template and can be done in an afternoon.

As is our Sisters tradition, we did a little bit of fabric trading – after the informational demo.

guild stitchers

And then the stitching began.

Some stitched slow and some stitched fast

(which is tricky when you are connecting two pieces side-to-side with a whip stitch)

hands stitching pieces side to side 2

and someone (who will remain nameless) even stitched to their pantleg.

stitched to pant leg

But, in the end, everyone was successful in their efforts at this long-loved technique.

Finally, we ended the afternoon with a “Show and Tell” celebration.

show & tell 5 show & tell 2  show & tell 3  show & tell 1  show & tell 4

Now the only question is:

“I say, old chap, when shall we have tea again?”

*PS Projects are FREE patterns which offer you additional ways to use pieces and parts of the collection. So, once you have purchased one of the main patterns from a collection, you can come back to our blog or web store and use those designs in new ways.

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