Red Fingernail Polish: a quilter’s friend

FL Sister id tagNot long ago (That’s code meaning I should have posted this sooner, but time slipped by. But, as I was saying …)

Not long ago, I learned that red nail polish is good for more than just adding some glam to a quilter’s world.

The Pensacola Quilter’s Guild hosted a Quilting at Home workshop on two-color binding. That morning a few of us had the treat of a morning of stitching with Neville Peterson, an experienced and gifted quilter with soooo many great tips and tricks. I took notes, trust me.

2 Neville at machine sm

Do you see IT on her machine? It really is RED FINGERNAIL POLISH!

3 polish & pressure foot sm

Neville paints the tips of some of the pressure feet for her machine with red finger nail polish; specifically the pressure feet that  can only be used with the dial set to a straight stitch. Then she coats the dial on her machine with the red polish to remind her that if she turns it from straight stitch to a zig zag, she needs to check which pressure foot is in place. Think of the broken needles this will save!

2 dial2 cropped sm

And a hidden tip – if you look closely below the dial on the machine, you will see that Neville has secured (i.e. taped) the cap of her seam ripper there so that she can slip that necessary notion into place to keep it ever present.

Her teaching on two color binding inspired me. Her realism encouraged me – even an experienced quilter needs seam rippers and reminders – and red fingernail polish!

PS – We had a LOVELY and delicious lunch, thanks to our delightful hostess, Joyce!

hostess Joyce cropped smAnd the table conversation was, well surprizing. It’s okay, girls, I’ll say no more!

lunch table cropped sm

What an enjoyable day!

flowers cropped sm


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