Saturday Fun & a new book

FL Sister id tagWhat could make a Saturday morning at my favorite fabric stop, A&E in Pensacola, even more fun? How about a book signing with Kim Brackett?

Signing books along with Kim was Nancy Troyer, who quilts many of the quilts in the book (and has done a beautiful job on Sisters at Heart quilts, too!),  and Karen Williamson, to whom the book is dedicated. (She’s Kim’s long-time friend who has pieced quilts for Kim’s books. I met her at my guild this winter when she gave me a great tip on a place to get my hair cut. But, I’m on a rabbit trail, aren’t I?)

Background note: the little quilter consulting her new book

Background note: the little quilter consulting her new book

It’s a great book featuring (no surprize here) SCRAPS! If you know us at all, you know that the Sisters LOVE scraps – we save scraps, we salvage scraps, we sort scraps, we trade scraps, we treasure scraps …  So, you understand how excited I was to get Kim’s new book, Scrap-Basket Beauties.

And, since Colorado Sister has a birthday coming in May, I couldn’t resist getting a second signed copy for her! (But, that’s a secret just between us, right?)

So, we send out applause to Kim on another gift to the quilting community.

And our thanks to Liz and her crew at A&E who keep the fun rolling in this corner of the Quilting World.

A&E crew sm

Here’s what I know: celebrating successes for fellow quilters is a great way to spend a Saturday morning!

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