Resolution #253: Send husband to garage sale

FL Sister id tag

Not all garage sales are created equal. Not all tubs of fabric are created equal. Not all husbands are created equal. All of these things were proven true when Husband of Florida Sister came home from a garage sale with a tub of fabric that yeilded not 1 feed sack, not 2 sugar sacks, not 3 …. no, no, no …. this man outdid himself when he came home with a stack of those delightful treasures from the 20’s – 40’s!!!!

What do you think —

fabric 1

fabric 2

fabric 3

fabric 4

fabric 6

fabric 5

Okay, I admit, there were some pieces on the other end of the spectrum – orange polka dot polyester. (Not tangerine. Not coral.) I forced myself to eliminate that small pile.

BUT, let it be known, this Sister’s husband accumulated enough husband points to take him all the way through the upcoming 2,000 hours of the NCAA tournament – including BBQ wings for the Final Four party.

And so therefore – we have established Resolution #253: Send husband to garage sale!

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