Some more of the Mother’s Medallion story

What brought “Mother’s Medallion” to our design boards?                         FL Sister id tag

As near as I can recall … (That’s code for “I think I’ve got this right but my sister may remember it differently.”). … we sisters designed this project out of a desire for a quilt that would reflect part of our heritage – including things beloved by our mother, grandmothers & even great grandmothers. All of these women, as varied as they were, loved flowers and most of them loved stitching.

aunt nellie & GP & Leona

Great-grandmother Perrine with her sister, Nellie, and our mother, Leona

(We remember our great-grandmother, Myrtle Susanna Clea Perrine, sewing with her sister, sweet Aunt Nellie Dunham.)

These mothers in our family tree LOVED flowers and our mother often voiced her opinion that flowers were better given to the living – we thought of these things as we filled this quilt with flowers that won’t wilt and fade.

So, every month this year we will offer you a project based on the rows of the Mother’s Medallion Quilt. We designed a quilt that would utilize a variety of quilting techniques so you’ll find, paper piecing, stained glass, English Paper Piecing, applique, and embroidery as we go through the months. It was also  important to us that different rows would have different degrees of difficulty. So, some rows are challenging and some are simple.

centerpiece #3

As we planned our quilt, we each had a different plan for the center medallion square. (If you know us at all you know that even though we like so many of the same things, we still sometimes do things differently.) The first project is the table topper centerpiece we call Mother’s Flower Basket,” which reflects the center of Becky’s quilt.

Choosing backing and border fabric for Sister1 Medallion quilt

Choosing backing and border fabric for Sister1 Medallion quilt

Next month we’ll bring you a crazy quilted Parlor Pillow which reflects the center of Cindy’s quilt.

And then the next month … (you didn’t really think I’d tell you that yet?!?!)

Stay tuned …

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