Sisters Plotting & Planning: Mother’s Medallion Quilt

The Sisters were brainstorming.                                         FL Sister id tag

Our creative session started with Mother’s Medallion Quilt and we found ourselves down the garden path at Mother’s Flower Basket Centerpiece. 

It came about something like this:

Why don’t we do a Quilt of the Year during 2013?  

Cindy's Medallion - no border

And we could unveil “Mother’s Medallion” a row at a time –

YES! … and design individual projects

Right! So that by the end of the year all the parts would be available for a full sized quilt.

And we can start with the center of the quilt and design it as a table topper, a center piece.

Let’s do it in vintage feed sacks or Aunt Grace fabrics.

That will work great with the yo-yos …

And with the English paper piecing.

What about some piping and a scalloped border?


Every month this year, our goal (Notice how we’re giving just a little wiggle room?) will be to offer a pattern from one of the rows which are arranged Log Cabin style in the quilt we’ve called “Mother’s Medallion.”

This month we are presenting (TA-DA!!! And a drumroll, please.) Mother’s Flower Basket Centerpiece. You can get your very own pattern at our web store; just click HERE.

More in a couple of days about how this quilt came to be.

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