Grandma would be …

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So let’s take a time-travel journey.  I’m sitting in an airport headed to meet my sister for some sewing in the sun.  (And some call this a “job”. )  But this method of travel makes me think of my Grandmother.  Why?  Because I’m quite sure she never left the ground.  The method of travel she would best remember was probably the horse and buggy.  (She told me the story of going to vote for the first time & they were driving the wagon to town.  But that’s another trip.)


So right off the bat, I would say…my Grandmother would be SCARED.

Since I’m traveling to a sewing show, I have to continue the list of contrasts.

When I think of her quilting process and mine the contrast begins with design:


 My Grandmother would be puzzled.

Then the contrasts move to the tools we use


My Grandmother would be thrilled!

The basic concept has not really changed as much (just add electricity)


My Grandmother would be amazed.

But, when you consider the finished product:

   or   centerpiece #3

I think that my Grandmother would be proud.

The table topper Centerpiece on the right is from the new Mother’s Medallion collection.

Check it out in the Featured Items on our Sister’s  web store.

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