Six Stitches of Separation

From the Colorado sister

So it all begins with sisters.  About six months ago my sister told me of the most amazing shop she ran across while she was staying in Georgia for an extended time.  It was all that you can imagine and more (plus the shop owner liked our patterns!). A Scarlet Thread is well worth the stop or even the whole trip. End of story because I’m not headed to Georgia.

This last month my sister sent me to do a spring show in Pueblo, Colorado (Quilt & Stitch Expo) with the new pattern line Happy Trails .  Note the cowboy in the background, not the one in front.  Dan is not a great quilter, but he can drive a trailer like no other!I’m always excited to see the vendor friends that we’ve met previously, like Na-La’s Quilt Shop in Fountain, Colorado.  Sisters we met at Quilt-a-Fair 2011.  But meeting new friends is also an added bonus.  So what are the chances of meeting more sisters?

My first clue was in the name, Two Sister’s Quilting.  I headed over to her booth to check it out, only one sister there. (Sounds familiar.)  Sam Winover said she had traveled from Dallas, TX just to see her quilting sisters in Colorado.  We talked about our shop names and of course that led to talk about our sisters, but only the good stuff, like how important it is to stay connected.

Can you see where this story is heading?  Her sister is from Georgia.  Seriously!  She goes to the same quilt guild my sister does when she’s in Georgia!

Back to A Scarlet Thread, Sam’s niece, the Georgia sister’s daughter, is the owner of the largest quilt shop in the state of Georgia!  So the Dallas sister traveled to Colorado to meet the sister who took patterns to a quilt show and talked about the two Georgia sisters that had already met through the quilt shop of our dreams!

We really are a patchwork of humanity, stitched together with sisters.  Thanks, sister, for keeping the connection going across all the miles between us.

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