Kleenex Moments and a Yo-yo Quilt

From the Florida sister (sojourneying in Georgia)

CarolAnn Harrison’s YoYo Quilt, a Kleenex moment

Every once in a while a Kleenex moment is unavoidable. I know some of you stitching sisters don’t really believe that (and we will love you anyway). But, get ready because I’m about ready to share one such moment.

In the 1930’s a busy wife and mother took the time to make a quilt that is now considered a classic from that time period. Using dozens and dozens of scraps from feed sacks and other fabrics that many of us now call “Aunt Grace’s”, she made 1147 yoyo’s into a treasure of a quilt. (You will have to trust me on that number or else come to guild and count them yourself. No small task, I might add!)  After a time, she tired of the quilt and gave it to one of her daughters, Ethel Carrie of Jacksonville, FL.

Now, as I understand it, Ethel liked the quilt and appreciated the gift. But then she realized that her sister, CarolAnn Harrison, of Blairsville, GA, LOVED the quilt and yearned to care for it.  So, this past Christmas when CarolAnn opened her gift from her sister, guess what she found?

Her sister, who lives across the miles from her, shared that precious reminder of their mother.

I know!

Isn’t that a great sister story?!?! The epitome of sister sharing!

Can you see the delight in her eyes?

The story was told as part of the Show and Tell time at Misty Mountain Quilters (GA) this last meeting. When I talked with CarolAnn later about the gift, she said, “Sorry I got so emotional when I showed you all the quilt.” My stars! – as if any other response would be normal!

Please pass the Kleenex.

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