Time Flips: August Calendar

Ready for another month? We hope you’ll love this honey of a project. It was the first inspiration for this collection.


A bee hive seemed the perfect shape for the first letter of August.


simple lines are easy to embroidery


Use a chain stitch to make the stripes on the little bee. And a cross stitch at the tip of the antennae.


Summer might almost be over, but the fun continues.


Here’s what you need for your August FLIP calendar:

Wool background: 8″ x 6″ light blue, gold, scraps of brown, white, yellow 

Embroidery thread: dark brown, gold, black

Embroidery stitches: running, blanket, stem, French knots


Pattern is available here for FREE for a limited time. The entire collection will be available soon in one pattern on our Etsy store

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All about the PLAN!


L=listen & learn

A=arrange and agree

N=now go get it done!

PLAN=Sister 1 came for a visit this spring and we both love our planning sessions.  My DH leaves the room during these sessions because he can barely listen to one conversation at a time, let alone more than one!  But my daughter, Megan, hung around a bit and watched us struggle with sketching on paper and photographing a layout to remember and trying to the digital ideas to synch.

Seriously? This is a plan?

LISTEN AND LEARN=Behind a smile she told us of a cool tool that combines all our efforts and introduced us to the Rocketbook.  (No this is not an affiliate link).  So cool.  I know it’s been around a while but so have we.  It “erases” in the microwave (some erase with water) and you write in it with a Frixon pen (yes, the same that we mark our quilts with) and you can take a photo on your phone and it sends it to the “shared cloud” of your choice!   All that is AMAZING–if it works or the operator knows how to make it work.  We may go back to graph paper and snail mail.

Round Robin plan

AGREE AND ARRANGE=We spent a long time playing with lace and buttons.  That’s the part we agree on.  We both love lace and buttons.  The arranging can be VERY different.

It all starts with buttons

As different as two sisters. 🙂  We made the popular 10-minute runner (see pinterest) with linen and burlap as a backdrop for some favorite lace pieces.

Vintage trim

Balance the buttons

Can there be too much lace?

Of course we each made one and played with the arrangements.

NOW GO GET IT DONE! We did!  It’s all part of the plan.

Burlap and beauty


Version #2 – not to much variety

Tip:  Easily stored without wrinkles on a roll rather than folded.

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Time Flips: July Calendar

It’s time to celebrate with flags, fireworks and fire crackers!


Let freedom ring! and let’s be noisy about it!


It’s so much fun when the sketch comes to life!


Here’s an idea for stitching the star and the flag.


It only takes a little piece of patriotic fabric to finish the backing!


Here’s what you need for your July FLIP calendar:

Wool background: 8″ x 6″ black, scraps of red, blue, gold, small piece of white

Embroidery thread: metallic gold or silver, red, gold

Embroidery stitches: blanket, satin, running


Pattern is available here for FREE for a limited time. The entire collection will be available soon in one pattern on our Etsy store

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On Your “Mark”…

Egad! (Did your mom ever say that?)  Where was I last month?!  I forgot to post any projects.  Oh, that’s right, sister was here and we were PLANNING big projects.  More on that later.

Grandma’s button tins..part of the plan.

But as of this weekend, SUMMER is officially here and I’m ready for it.  We got much needed rain and the grass is green, the frost is gone and the flowers are gorgeous. So I’m taking my book to the gazebo, iced tea in hand, and start it off right.

Quilts are ready on the swing

Oh wait, I need to share the project that goes along with summer reads.

I’m making a concerted effort to keep using the scraps we cut up last year.  This is a perfect project for that.  Also great for the grand-kids that come to visit.  A nice hostess gift for those you might visit this year. Best part of it…only takes 5 minutes!  I timed myself from the first minute to the last.  Literally made 2 in ten minutes! Ok, Ok, you’re asking, “What is it?”  A bookmark!

Supply list:

1 strip 2 1/2″ x 17″  (ish)  less length for a paperback

1 hair band (small size is best)

1 button

It took me longer to choose the button than to make the whole thing!  I LOVE buttons.

Wooden button is for me. 🙂

I pressed the strip in half (so I had a crease line to follow) Unfold and bring raw edges of long sides to the middle.

Raw edges meet in the middle

Now fold in half again.  Press.

Black and white one is for sister.

Stitch along the two-fold edge.  Place hair tie on one end and double fold over.  Stitch several times to hold in place.



Double fold to enclose raw edge of opposite end. Securely attach button.  DONE!  I left the extra length on the black one.  I think a row of buttons would look cute and give some ease for larger books.

What are you reading?

Where is your favorite spot for a good summer read?  Mountains?  Beach? Pool?

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Time Flips: June Calendar

Remember back in April when the weather report was like a bad horror movie? And we wondered if the time for  sunshine and warmth would ever come – and stay? Well, it’s time!


Stitch quickly, beach time beckons!

simple sketch lines are easy to follow


maybe you will make your straw reeeeeally long or add a lemon slice


Rays of sunshine and warm sand – that’s summer!


Here’s what you need for your June FLIP calendar:

Wool background: 8″ x 6″ tan, small piece of white, small piece of yellow, scraps of turquoise and brown

Embroidery thread: dark brown, turquoise, yellow

Embroidery stitches: blanket, stem



Pattern is available here for FREE for a limited time. The entire collection will be available soon in one pattern on our Etsy store

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Time Flips: May Calendar


Ready for some May flowers?

Have I mentioned how excited I am by my little calendar hanger? AND it flips!


You start with this …

How about a trellis, too? And a little vine …

The French knots really bring the vine to life!

And add a flower pot — with some flowers!


Dietz suggested that the Y became a flower pot. My creativity was blanked out for a minute and he came to the rescue.


The flowers combine a few straight stitches in between the daisy stitches and a French knot in the middle.

When you get this far, all you need is a backing brought around to the front to make a border.

When all your gardening efforts are finished, you will have this:

Here’s what you need for your May FLIP calendar:

Wool background: 8″ x 6″ cream, scraps of brown, rust, green

Embroidery thread: brown, green, rust, pink, lavender

Embroidery stitches: blanket, daisy, stem, French knots, running


Pattern is available here for FREE for a limited time. The entire collection will be available soon in one pattern on our Etsy store

Better get to stitching, we are almost finished with April! May is around the corner!


PS – Happy May birthday, Sister!

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Small but Mighty!

I’ve had the some of the grand-kids for a visit recently and I can testify to the fact the “though they are small, they are mighty”!  Mighty mess makers!  We didn’t get much sewing done, but we did mend the “blankey” and hem one pair of pants and fix some favorite pjs.  Those mighty kids made their own pizza, helped Grandpa deliver a calf, and played with cousins.  For being so small they have a mighty hold on my heart!

ONLY 5 of the 12

Now they are back at home and my house is much quieter.  I need a small but mighty sewing challenge to accomplish something quickly.  Break out the picture panels and all those small squares we were cutting last year.  I know you’re asking how can those be quick & easy? So here’s the next sew along.

Panel of Winnie & scraps to match

Sew Along #3

Mix 2 1/2″ squares that the colors coordinate with the panel for a patchwork look.  I’m using pastels because of the color in the panel.  I started with a few 5″ squares just for a solid read and contrast in size.

Larger spacers

Design board which I probably won’t follow. 🙂

Assembly line sew the 2 1/2″ squares into rows that match the width of your panel.  Press in alternate directions for matching corners. Trim or square up “early & often”. Make a least 3-4 rows. This is an exercise in MAKING myself be random.  You could spend a life time moving 2 1/2″ squares around.  Just sew!

“Wooden” border not my wood floor. 🙂

I split my panel into two quilts make it a rectangle but still added squares AND get two for the price of one, but you could just add more (or fewer) rows to the top and bottom.  I like the idea of custom sizing to what you need/have so I’m not giving required measurements. I’m using a basic crib size.

A quick and simple way to finish up a quilt top.  Same idea would work for place mats with a focus picture and edges of small (but mighty) squares.  What is your favorite/mighty way to use small squares?

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Time Flips: April Calendar

Springtime and wool might not seem to go together. But I think this little April calendar page will convince you otherwise.

Butterflies and tulips – now, that says SPRING!

This little butterfly and tulip calendar page will go together so quickly! You can count on having a dose of springtime inside even though the weather is still very fickle outside.

I had the backing on the project when I realized it was missing the details on the tulip. It’s never too late to add a couple more stitches!


There are French knots at the end of the antennae.


At my house every season has it’s own tea pot!


Do you remember that little wire piece on the flip hanger that I thought might be unnecessary? I’ve discovered that it helps keep the calendar “pages” hanging straight – especially if the wool background is from a lighter weight wool.

Now I figure it out!


Here’s what you need for your April FLIP calendar:

Wool background: 8″ x 6″ yellow, scraps of lavender, purple, pink, black

Embroidery thread: lavender, yellow, dark green, pink, black

Embroidery stitches: blanket, stem, daisy, French knot

Pattern is available here for FREE for a limited time. The entire collection will be available soon in one pattern on our Etsy store


Pattern is available here for FREE for a limited time. The entire collection will be available soon in one pattern on our Etsy store

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Layer cakes in HD versus HC

DH at rest during calving season

My very own DH (dear hubby) has been out with the new baby calves that are coming fast and furiously, even in the COLD weather.  It is necessary to check them every couple of hours all through the night.  He slides in occasionally to thaw out and cat-nap in front of the large screen HD television.  Sitting along side one night, I mentioned I was working on an HC quilt.  He “kindly” let me know that I probably meant HD.  I clarified by saying that the HC made it HD.  He finally opened both eyes, just so he could raise an eyebrow.

I said that high contrast quilts make for high definition.  He thought that was about as funny as stepping on one of my pins.  But I just attributed his lack of humor to lack of sleep.

Let’s talk about HC quilts which are best for all those 10″ squares we pre-cut from the scrap pile last year. I usually like high contrast quilts anyway but they seem especially important with scrap quilts.  Here are some tips to get you sewing.

  • In these ideas it is best to use a light piece and a dark piece, saving the mediums for later.  I know that it may all seem relative to what fabric is laid next to it.  But if you question, “Is this a medium?”, then that’s the one you want to leave out.  Think gray scale and then go to either end.
  • Use an assortment but keep them coordinated within the block.  Say, a light pink and a dark pink.  A tan and a chocolate brown.  You get the picture?  In high definition?
  • As mentioned before, these scraps may not always  be straight of grain so square it up early and often!
  • It won’t take long to have enough for a LARGE quilt, so know what your end goal is.  Place mats can wait for the smaller squares.

Sew Along #2

There’s probably a real name for this one (criss-cross, cross over, King’s X, ric-rac) but I just liked it for the 10″ squares.  SO FAST!

Layer 2-10″ squares (a light & a dark) with the light on top. (The Martelli yellow board is a great cutting mat but looks a little weird with these colors in HD!) 

1 light & 1 dark; light on top

Make 3 – 2 1/2″ cuts vertically. I just pealed the first layer back so you could see the direction.

Cut both layers one time

Make 1 – 2 1/2″ cut horizontally through both layers.  My Martelli skinny-mini ruler is covering what I’m cutting in the above photo.  Remove the light strips and layer or line up to cut one more 2 1/2″ section. Sorry, I switched blocks as I forgot to photo the other one at this stage.

Cut 4 light, longer strips once more

Do a layout according to finished block and assembly line sew into strip sections of the block.  The scrappy blocks are so different you won’t mix them up.  But remember you are going to have TWO finished blocks from each fabric pair.

When you begin to join the strips together remember that there are more vertical seams (taking up the seam allowances) that there are horizontal seams, so your block will NOT be square.

1 from the top & 1 from the bottom

Here’s the part about trim early and often.  Start your seams at the point of the pins in the photo leaving the excess in a trimming spot.  One is at the top and one is at the bottom. Sorry the yellow pin is so hard to see, but the excess purple isn’t hard to see.

Trim then join center

Trim each pair of strips to 8 1/2″ then join the center seam.  Re-square entire clock.

Square it up!

Here’s a completed version but her method involved complete yardages of fabric.

Now there’s some high contrast that even sleep deprived hubby can see in high definition.  I have one more option for you. It’s even faster!  You don’t even have to change the channel.  My inspiration came from here


and you can find a youtube video here.


Here’s option #2:

Chose 2-10″ squares, one light and one dark. Layer together.

1 light & 1 dark

Lay opposing corners on the 45 degree angel line of your cutting mat. Cut 1″ away from that 45 degree line on both sides.

45 degree angle

Should come out looking like this (the lighter one is on the bottom, but the order doesn’t matter).

Do the switcheroo

Fold each piece in half to find center and mark with a pin, or iron, or finger press (remember they are bias cuts so don’t stretch).

Find your centers

Sew the LIGHT center strip to the two DARK triangles and the DARK center strip to the two LIGHT triangles. Square each of the inserted corners to 9 1/2″

Square it up!

Ta-Da!  You will be finished with either of these two quilts before the next blog post comes out.

2 for work of 1

Which is your favorite? I can see them put together in cross over pattern or the first option set on point or…and I’ll be thinking about those medium tones that felt so left out of the HC quilts.  Or maybe moving on to those strips that are left in the drawer.








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Time Flips: March Calendar

Sister, are you ready for the March calendar? Here’s what I’m thinking – we need to get these patterns posted a week or two BEFORE the month really gets started so that our stitching sisters can have them in place when it’s time to flip to a new calendar page.

Sister?!?! I think she fainted – it was too much of a shock for me to be early on a project.

Here, have a hot cup of tea and let’s celebrate that the Irish pay no attention to what the ground hogs do in February – they bring out the green in March either way!

She’s nodding in agreement, even though she has suffered such a big shock. “I don’t know about anyone else, but I say it’s time to see something green – even if it’s only wool!”


The top ‘o the morning to you!



This one goes so fast. And uses just a few green wool scraps!

Here’s what you need for your March FLIP calendar:

Wool background: 8″ x 6″ cream, shades of green

Embroidery thread: Green and black

Embroidery stitches: blanket stitch and stem stitch


Pattern is available here for FREE for a limited time. The entire collection will be available soon in one pattern on our Etsy store

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